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Birds of a different feather…

Here, in our pack, it is safe to say that birds of different feathers flock together! So it’s no surprise that we were lucky enough to get TurtleDove, the giantess queen pittie with patience for days. I also find myself shaking my head and laughing at this silly dog in the middle, Paisley. A blonde pap-chi, who is the “type” of dog most people say they imagine me with, lol, despite seeming the opposite to me. Seriously, how did I end up with a fluffy little spitfire? And what about me screams I am meant to be with a sassy pants stinker like her?

I always thought I was a “terrier” and/or “herding dog” type of girl (not that I don’t gush over every single dog I meet!). Now, I realize I’m really just a “dog” person….of no specific type, because each one is oh so very different, regardless of breed. And, I adore having a diverse, comical, unconventional, and unlikely family- that loves so cohesively. I am fortunate that it all feels taylored randomly by the stars just for them, and, just for me. Isn’t this what matters? Us finding “our place” in the world, finding our flock/pack/family and hoping this for other souls? It’s safe to say this led me to a career in Child Protective Services/Adoptions as well as rescue. Home. Family. Pack. Now, with our sweet Dove, we see ourselves as a “Flock”. 

Below is my favorite “unlikely” and oddball couple photo. When TurtleDove came, my senior terrier growled and snarled at her. TurtleDove could have eaten him as a “snack” but instead she gave him patience. It paid off. Patrick not only fell in love with TurtleDove, but, he found her cancer (which I need to blog about!). If these two can find a bridge between their extreme differences, can’t the rest of us? 

I love the lessons I learn from dogs and pack life! How especially cool is this? So what’s the lesson at this moment? Throw “types” out the window. They don’t apply! At least not for me and my flock 🙂 🐢🕊

Sweet dreams friends! 


3 thoughts on “Birds of a different feather…

  1. What a great pack! Did you write about how you one buddy found turtle doves cancer? I would love to read that chapter!


  2. Hi Adrienne! Thank you for your reply! No, not yet! But, I will write about this. It was truly amazing. The gist is that Patrick wouldn’t stop licking her nipple area (it was very saggy and fleshy from being overbred) and I though- geese- this dog does not need him now licking that area! Then, after days of redirecting him, I felt the area- and, there was a smoothed tennis ball sized mass nestled in her extra skin. This dog, Patrick, also found cancer in my father before the doctors did. TurtleDove’s cancer is not curable and he Patrick very anxious now and attached to her, always concerned and nursing her. It is very sweet but also sad too….


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