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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…..

Here is TurtleDove, my foster/hospice dog 🐶 smiling for the world. Like the statue behind her, Turtle’s body (and even breed) isn’t what the “norm” in society sees as beautiful (but in truth, as often it is, she is lovelier than any “norm”).  And, like the statue, Turtle’s body has morphed and changed- mostly due to human neglect and abuse (her hacked ears, her overbred body and arthritic hips, terrible teeth), other change is due to the results of cancer (her mammary cancer has taken a row of her nipples, and, eventually it will take her from us). But, you can see, TurtleDove is beautiful. And, she is accepting of her life, of herself (and loves the camera, lol). She’s moved on from her past and happily looks to the future. No grudges towards humans. No fear towards the future. Just appreciation. Only joy. Only this moment.

The sticker or magnet “Who Rescued Who?” resonates with me deeply. There is so much to learn from resilient and forgiving souls like TurtleDove. There is a lot in life that is not fair and many times we see karma fail. But, I try to take heart, look at the bravery of this gentle girl. 

I often hear what a giant TurtleDove is and how she has the “hugest head”. To me I notice her strength and those shoulders that carried so many burdens and life’s chains for so long.

Could there be a more perfect name for this dog? The shelter named her TurtleDove. They must have noticed her peace, and how she makes the boulders in life appear as feathers. 

Bless her sweet soul. TurtleDove can inspire us to accept perceived “flaws”, our past, and the mistreatment we may have endured. May we learn to forgive. May she show us how to face impending illness and eventual goodbyes and look forward to each day (even each moment) with gusto, humor and curiosity. May we always follow our hearts first and foremost, above all else.

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