So much happens when you foster and have a large pack of dogs…this blog is to capture memories, share these sweet souls, inspire others to foster (volunteer, donate, adopt!), and simply have some fun. There is nothing like the fannypack life, lol!

Why the name PawtoPalm? Many times I hold onto a paw for comfort, and to comfort. Other times a paw is in my palm to meet, to play, and to praise in our version of a doggie “high five!” Soon though I know I’ll be holding a paw in my palm to say “goodbye” to two of my dogs….and, this is just too much to process alone.

I would love to connect to others with a passion for helping. I’m new to blogging and am excited to share through this avenue.

To the upper right (or bottom of this page) are links to the Facebook pages for my current foster dog, TurtleDove, as well as a link to the rescue that I foster with, 4LifeRescue.