Breast Cancer · Pit Bull · Rescue dog

Turtledove 🐢🕊 The grace of a Pit Bull

TurtleDove. TD. Turtle. Dovey-Lovey. Silverback. Turtley Girl. How do you put her in words? Its pretty hard, to say it lightly-at 80+pounds, nothing about Turtle is “light!” So, we are glad we can post loads of photos and videos to help you get to know this gentle and giant pit bull. Turtle was the underdog, the abused, the forgotten, the undermined, the exploited, the abandoned, the misunderstood, the dismissed, the labelled, and the unseen- until she was seen. Staff at the shelter and volunteers noticed her sweet nature and reached out on her behalf. 4LifeRescue was able to bust her free within hours of her scheduled euthanization, with the help of her foster mommy (me, lucky me!) and pack. From the moment she arrived in her new home, she was pure openness. TurtleDove was gracious, followed the home’s mommy and the pack leader, an older shepherd named Lova. Turtle worked her way into the heart of the grumpy old terrier, Patrick, and became the silliest play buddy for the bossy chi-mix, Paisley. Turtle also became the unlikely yoga buddy for me, always wanting to “be on the mat” and express her “zen”. Turtle brought and continues to bring so much joy into the lives of her family and pack, fellow rescuers, and her friends and fans. This dog embodies hope, trust, unconditional love, and the desire to live every minute with joy.

A little teary today…. I took this photo of Turtle trying to show the row of nipples she lost, and, the pink bow is for breast cancer awareness. But, basically all you see is her bright and shiny smile. It’s so hard to associate Mammary Carcinoma with yet another sparkly soul and one I love so dearly. My family has the brca1 gene and I lost my Mother and Grandmother to this cancer. I think today, TurtleDove is giving me strength and peace….bless this sweet girl.

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